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Over door basketball goal

Looking for a fun and exciting, yet active game? If this is you, then the over the door hoop basketball from JUNYE was made for only you! This really awesome piece of equipment has some amazing benefits which take it beyond the world of general basketball hoops. 

Benefits of an Over The Door Basketball Goal 

An aspect of the more than doorway basketball objective everyone likes to manage sports, plus an additional great aspect surrounding this hoop can be obtained while using straightforward established. No tools, screws or bolts needed to install it on the door - just hang it over and start playing basketball! 

Not a great innovation but space saver for sure. This goal is a perfect solution if you are having issues with small space and, cannot accommodate the full-sized one basketball hoop. It can be installed easily on any door in your home or office and when you are finished with it, just take down the device to not fruitfully utilize that space while keeping an organized and clean place.

Innovative Design

The over door basketball hoop design will wow you. It is made of best quality materials which means it can be used for a long time. A breakaway rim that you can purchase separately, and change out the regular one from time to time so opt for door basketball hoop from JUNYE.

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