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wall mounted basketball hoop over the door

Basketball Inside -- A Fun and Easy Exercise Option

Maybe you like playing basketball as a sport, but still struggling to hav e even just in place where play and shoot some balls. It could be cold out for all I know, or that there is no basketball court close to where you live. But fret not! You can always get your basketball game on by hanging a wall mounted over the door and playing amidst every now and then.

Getting Ready to Play

It will be quite easy for you to Set up an over the door wall mounted basketball hoop. You only need a drill, screws and if you have fire escape then no ladder is required. You need a sturdy spot on your door (a strong wood or metal one) that can handle the weight of the hoop. Be sure to take an exact tape measure height reading before you drill any holes. Attach the hoop firmly to the door with screws. Be careful drilling to have a solid argument for playing enjoyment!

Getting a Hoop

If you still have not got a wall mounted basketball hoop over door one, can easily find them at sports stores or online. The hoops come in all sorts of sizes and styles, for kids or adults. You can also choose the hoop you want to in your favorite color. If you are a basketball lovers, it is worth spending on buying the best wall mounted basketball hoop over door.

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