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Discs - Frisbee golf discs (used to play disc golf...) are the most important pieces of you frisbees and playing this sport. Disc golf is a fast-growing sport that has become increasingly popular in recent years as both an amateur activity and competitive endeavor. This in-depth guide to everything about frisbee golf discs is what you need, so whether it be the basics or choosing that one disc for your game, this post covers finding the right fit and also maintaining/cleaning them properly.

Frisbee Golf Disc Breakdown

Disc golf is played on a course that resembles the layout of a traditional ball golf course with holes laid out in space to guide players from tee (where they throw) to target, which can be anything from simple eye hooks hanging at ground level or chained metal baskets suspended above the ground but below shrubbery. The object is to sink the disc in each target basket with as few throws per hole. Much like the variety of traditional golf clubs, frisbee golf discs also come in different geometric shapes and sizes; each one intended for specific purposes.

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