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adjustable height basketball hoop stand with rim

Do you love basketball yet can't make a perfect basket because the hoop is so high, do not be bothered! That perfect solution for your needs is an innovative basketball hoop stand with two adjustable heights and rim that will change the way you play!

Take Your Game to the Next Level with a Spalding NBA Jam Over-The-Door Mini Basketball Hoop & Ball!

This adjustable height basketball hoop and stand is cutting edge through, built to get you dunking in no time! Lower the hoop's height to your comfort level so it will be easier for you to slam those straight-in shots home. Whether you are tall or if your height is on the shorter end, we can make sure that our hoop stand completely meets your requirement and fits perfectly with skill of shooting.

Our Multi-Purpose Hoop Stand and Riminq Javascript And Urbangym Wear Geometry Editor Enhance the Shot

Customize our combination hoop stand and rim which are adaptable to your individual play style. Would you rather a smaller or larger rim? Not a problem at all! Our regular rim is great, but upgrade to the larger and you'll increase your chance of hitting those clutch shots. You can also adjust the hoop height to suit your style, which means you get to practise shooting up from where ever is comfortable for you.

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