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About  Us

Ningbo Junye Stationery & Sports Co., Ltd., established 
in 1998, is a manufacturer of toys, stationery, sporting 
goods, gifts, and related plastic products.

We have passed some audits to prove product quality 
and factory qualification.

Besides our own developed products, we also work 
on OEM and ODM projects.


Yoga towel

PVC Yoga mat

Cooling Towel

Intelligent counting hoola hoop

Intelligent counting hoola hoop

Weighted Adjustable hoola hoop


2020-03-14 10:10:00

We insist on disinfection in the factory every day, take the temperature measurement of all the people who enter the site, and carefully implement the epidemic prevention work to ensure that there are no symptoms.
2020 companies start epidemic prevention after resumption of work

2019-04-26 16:28:00

Exhibition Hall: Expo Santa Fe México(Expo Bancomer Santa Fe)
Time: June 4-6
Booth No: Z163
Looking forward to your coming!
Ningbo junye MexicoTrade Fair 2019